Infant Mortality Rate in St. Louis

Learn about the challenge our region faces.

Infant Mortality Rate in St. Louis

Perhaps, no event is more soul wrenching than the loss of a baby, and this tragic event is happening at an alarming rate among families in St. Louis.

St. Louis is home to some of the best health care in the country. We’re one of the nation’s most renowned centers for medical research, education and practice, with several top-ranking hospitals.

Yet, less than 10 miles from Clayton, there are neighborhoods with an infant mortality rate that is worse than some developing countries, like Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Many may think this is just a problem in St. Louis City, but take a look at the infant death rates by zip code and you can see it affects areas throughout our region.

Map of infant mortality rate in St. Louis by zip code. Our infant deaths are mostly preventable, yet the scope of this tragedy has largely gone unnoticed. Our region’s babies deserve better. We know we can – and must – do better.

It’s time for St. Louis to be known as a place that supports the overall health of babies and families.

Infant mortality in St. Louis is worse than some third-world countries.

FLOURISH St. Louis aims to help every baby born in St. Louis celebrate a happy and healthy first birthday.

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