Help us Reduce Infant Mortality

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Here are a few simple ways you can help reduce infant mortality in St. Louis.

mailSIGN UP FOR UPDATES to stay informed about the initiative’s progress and ways to get involved.


Share ideas to reduce infant mortality in St. LouisSHARE YOUR IDEAS on challenges families face in having a healthy pregnancy and baby or ideas on what should be done to address St. Louis’ high infant mortality rates through our Share Your Ideas form.


extended-pencilWRITE A LETTER OF LOVE to show pregnant and new moms in St. Louis that their entire city supports them. Or, HOST A LETTER OF LOVE WRITING EVENT to bring together your friends, coworkers or community group to learn more about St. Louis’ infant mortality crisis and write letters of encouragement that we will distribute to St. Louis moms.


Be a leader in infant mortality reduction - join a FLOURISH St. Louis workgroup.JOIN AN ACTION TEAM to help bring FLOURISH St. Louis’ initiatives to life. Our Action Team topics are: prenatal care, infant health, health communication & navigation, transportation and behavioral health.


Educate others about infant mortality in St. Louis. SPREAD THE WORD to help educate families, businesses and community leaders about this issue. Visit our library of social media posts that you can share with your networks with just a click of a button


DONWrite Letters of Love to moms to reduce infant mortality in St. Louis.ATE to help FLOURISH St. Louis, an initiative of Generate Health, improve the health and well-being of St. Louis babies.


Together, we can help make St. Louis a place where babies thrive and families flourish!

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