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About the Action Teams

FLOURISH St. Louis has spent the past year uncovering the many factors contributing to St. Louis’ alarming infant mortality rate. After extensive review of data and conversations with community members, we are forming five action teams to lead initiatives to improve the health of moms and babies.

Action Team Topics

  1. Prenatal Care: Identify solutions to grow the use of health services during pregnancy to increase healthy and full-term births. Learn more.
  2. Infant Health: Identify solutions to reduce the number of sleep-related, as well as sudden and unexplained infant deaths in St. Louis. Learn more.
  3. Health Communication and Navigation: Coordinate ways to increase community members’ connection and access to resources that support the health of moms and babies. Learn more.
  4. Transportation: Work with transportation organizations to help families get easier access to health care and social support services. Learn more.
  5. Behavioral Health: Work with local organizations to increase access to mental health and substance use services for pregnant and new moms. Learn more.

We need community members and people from health care, health insurance, business, faith, support services, research, funders and government to join an Action Team. Sign up or nominate someone in your organization to join.

Learn more about how our action teams will help solve St. Louis’ infant mortality crisis with our presentation from our Action Team Orientation meeting.

Key Tasks of the Action Teams

  • Listen to the community to understand why things are the way they are.
  • Look at what’s worked well to help moms and babies in St. Louis and other communities.
  • Work as a team to develop an action plan.
  • Partner with local organizations already working on the issue to take the action plan steps.
  • Determine how we’ll measure progress.

Time Commitment: 4 hours a month


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